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March 13, 2011 § 1 Comment

Stylistic thoughts mostly, that’s whats on my mind. Thinking on faerie tales, of songs and sagas. Thinking on the stark line that makes stories accessible and inaccessible and other such nonsense. The classification and description of types of story.

Pandora and the music genome project have me thinking of a literary genome project, how interesting and useful it would be. The closest thing I can find that seems similar is the Aarne-Thompson  Classification System for certain types of tale. Which is really quite neat.

I was started on this vein of thought courtesy of my girlfriend. Yesterday I wrote the first draft in another story based on the idea of the Last Contact anthology and it came out feeling (to her) as if it was quite faerie tale-ish.

I didn’t tend it to be at first, but as I’m working on the novel (Happily about 10,000 words in. Long ways to go but still a happy thing for me as I hit my stride with the characters.) I find myself writing with a bend towards Fables and tales whenever I take a break. While writing the novel I have to keep something seriously in mind about myself.

I usually have the attention span of a goldfish. A marshmallow obsessed, brownie loving, epileptic, dream painting goldfish. With ADHD.

That means, though I have one block of time in the morning where I am incredibly focused, the rest of the day resists and bucks at me when I try to bend it to my will with writing what I plan to. So. Morning commute for the novel, evening for everything else helps keep my perspective fresh and my energy plentiful.

So those are the broadstrokes of my mind at the moment, size and shape of things as they are. Below are some bitty links, and other thoughts of the day so far.

Miscellaneous Thoughts

On gaming front, I was thinking about the GSL and read this neat article.

This must be the third or fourth time I’ve posted a link by now but…Nobilis 3E!

Death forbid in the Arctic.

There is a castle in central park, small, but I like it. Just saying. Castle.

And a little excerpt from an H+ article that I found interesting and pertinent to a conversation I had about counterculture a  few months ago.

I don’t think there’s really a mainstream culture or a counterculture anymore. There’s monetary value… that’s the mainstream culture… a modern papacy in which all humans are born into original debt that grows until we — with the exception of an elect few — are subjected to the cleansing ritual of fiscal “discipline”. Other than that, nothing coheres.

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