February 7th – A Narrative Voyage

February 7, 2012 § 7 Comments

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Prompt: Theme – Weird Space Ships

Captain Kinley slipped the N.S.S. Narrative from passive to active voice, the antagonist’s engine spitting out a dozen prose-lines to push her forward.

Traveling in the Narrative was…funny. It usually lead them somewhere by Kinley’s home planet, sure enough – there was New Damascus off to port- before reaching through the void and placing them near the galaxy’s current “climax.” Of course there were several side-trips along the way, storytelling stop offs that refueled either of the great ship’s two engines.

This time the Narrative found itself in a battle. They’d been asked to attend by the probable victors, to record and process, potentially even to weaponize. Almost every petty galactic empire hoped to have their conquest’s weaponized, to know that when the legend ship Narrative went to battle – it would be their glory and no one else’s to weigh the day.

He didn’t bother telling him that most of his cannon’s were love stories, that the only battle-sequences in his arsenal were massacres – not fair fights. Those few and a handful of pre-departure novels,  Lord of the Flies, 1984, The Crucible and a short story titled Riki Tiki Tavi, made up the entirety of his arsenal. He’d never needed anything more, the Narrative was not a battle ship.

The combat was boring, few losses here, few losses there – neither side taking risks. Nothing heroic. Kinley figured it must have been a slow day for the old gal to have actually brough them here instead of dragging them off to who knows where to witness something greater. An archaeo-ship fleeing from a long dead civilization perhaps, or a child taking their first steps on the path to a tyranny. Something dramatic. Something interesting.

Kinley coughed, looking around the bridge to the rest of his crew. They came in two types. The first – grave and scholarly usually clad in thousand years since archaic uniform. The second – youth infused and costumed for a favorite character, sometimes a historical figure. Rarely the last. Most of the middle aged members of the crew were dressed in some style befitting the old behemoth medium of Anime, one of the pre-departure hangers on. A form of comic. Nobody made them anymore, but the classics had a certain staying power. He’d dressed a time or two, before his Captaincy. Strictly shonen stuff, of course.

Watching them now, especially the oldest crewmen who had a tendency for being stodgy, and especially the younger women for their excellent taste in character, he pressed a button. Somewhere in the Narrative’s depths, the Protagonist’s engine spun to life, slowly working lines of plot into the surrounding environs.  The  Captain relaxed his hand away from the button (though he knew the Hook in engineering would have a talk with him later,) waited, and began to record.

So what if it was cheating, maybe a little?

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§ 7 Responses to February 7th – A Narrative Voyage

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  • Tara says:

    I like it! Made me smile. The beginning of a great little novella, maybe?
    A cleverness to you, bravo!
    (very early wakeup makes me inarticulate.)

    • That would definitely be interesting – I hadn’t particularly thought of it going that way, into a novella I mean, but it could.

      ACTUALLY…it would fit pretty easily into my old Poets-verse. That’s the one I wrote the wall story in , sort of a companion to yours. Not sure if you remember. I had a few interesting ideas this could coincide with.

  • A. says:

    Oh man, I really like this one. Have you ever read Charles Yu’s How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe? He plays with the ideas of grammatical tenses a lot in regards to time travel.

    • Yes I have actually! I was thinking of that a little bit when I wrote this out this morning, glad someone thought similarly.

      Want to develop this a litle more now, the “science” of it and all. It might be a good place to pull some inspiration from those theories regaeding reverse causality that came out of Norway a year or two ago.

  • J.E. Martinez says:

    Very nice. Reminds me a little of Adams’ Improbability Drive. Potential for series of short stories, don’t you think? Don’t forget to have an alcoholic ships doctor. Maybe the ship’s drive is more stable/powerful the more stock characters are on board? That would call for a forbidden shipboard romance as well. A Scottish engineer? Maybe the captain is after some immense space whale (not really but he kind of has to be!) Haha, this could be lots of fun!

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