Corsair Play Report 7 – FINALLY

August 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

While the others were off playing in the ruins of Ishantara, Annika was busy being witchy and doing witchy thing. Like time traveling. Okay. Mostly she was time traveling.

Her familiar, the fox Farley, received a sort of hint from their Masters. That Annika’s cause, and their own, would be aided by a sojourn back. A quick hop, that’s it. Of course. Farley wasn’t comfortable with it at all. He’s a sensible sort of familiar.

Nevertheless, she wanted to, and she followed him into a sort of in-between place. She walked with Farley along a thin grey ribbon threaded through a vast and endless white. Proportion and distance twisted, and she wasn’t quite sure how the place really functioned at all. Every few hundred (maybe) feet there was a subsidiary ribbon of a different color and texture running off.

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Thinking Thoughts on Tomorrow

April 4, 2012 § Leave a comment

Thinking thoughts about tomorrow, I do that a lot. No. I do that almost constantly. I live with one foot in the future, one foot in faerieland, at least three and a half feet in the past – that’s about when I usually realize I’m either a spider or I’m somewhere not exactly congruent with my perceived physical location. Which seems unlikely, or at  least seems like an inoperable assumption.

Later this month my story Pridecraft is being published at Beneath Ceaseless Skies. I started writing this update under the assumption it was being released tomorrow, because I’d seen it there earlier, but then realized it’d been changed. And will be published later in the month.

Either way, now I’ve started thinking. Partially because of this which makes me happy to be a Gaiman fan. Also because of I-CON 31, which I attended this weekend and got me planning and scheming and in general provided a wonderful break from monotony. Also, I got loot.

Sweet Loot from I-CON

  •  1 Potion Bottle
  • 1 Four-Skull Cane
  • 1 Battle Mat (With 1 Dry Erase Marker)
  • 2 Circuit d6’s
  • 2 Cthulhu d6’s
  • 3 Alignment d6’s
  • 1 Unicorn d6
  • 1 Clear-Frosted d10 and 1 Clear-Frosted d20
  • 1 Signed Copy of Clive Barker’s Imajica

Apart from that I’m thinking about the gaming worlds I’m working on. One for Geist which revolves around New Orleans, and one for Pathfinder that involves a justification for a human-dominant society mostly based on numbers and the power of communal prayer perhaps a little influenced by the Coldfire Trilogy. There’s also a bit in there about the potential stirring of a Vampire game. Not sure if that’ll come to fruition.

So lots of saying I’m thinking about things there and not a lot of what I’m thinking about. Maybe that’s because I’ve been thinking about many things. Among those, though, is that inspired by a question from my father.

“What does it mean to be an adult?”

My father and I created this idea for a GURPS campaign where characters played Found Men and Women, the lost boys and girls escaped or returned from the Nevernever. We talked about it a lot, flushed a lot of the world out. And eventually, we both started writing.

He started writing something that’s quickly growing into a novel, I wrote a short story. Foundling.

There are hobs, and a young boy, and Pirates and determination. I think, for the most part, the story is about choosing what it means to be an adult. The character Evans tries to grow up. Has to grow up, because he isn’t lost anymore and he’s not really just a boy.

He arrives at the answer, for him, and now I’m thinking on what that answer really means. Back to editing.

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